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Blue Ox Air Cleaners was developed to improve the performance and efficiency of traditional ambient air cleaners. Our line of commercial and industrial air filtration systems are designed by industry experts using American-made parts to ensure buyer satisfaction and guarantee maximum filter life, compressed air, and energy savings.

From commercial buildings to industrial-sized facilities, Blue Ox air filtration systems effectively capture and control welding fumes, wood dust, cigar, cigarette, and tobacco smoke and odors, and more — while leaving behind a small carbon footprint.

Businesses such as cigar bars and lounges directly benefit from air filtration systems by achieving comfort for patrons and staff, establishing health and safety protection, and meeting air quality regulations. By drawing contaminated air through a series of specialized filter media, Blue Ox Air Cleaners reduce 95% of contaminants by exchanging the air in a room eight times per hour, resulting in medical-grade clean air environments.

Why Choose Blue Ox?

Blue Ox is supported by over 40+ years of experience in the air filtration industry. Our goal is to provide high-quality air cleaning systems that help ensure safe, code-compliant, and clean air work environments — regardless of industry.

Blue Ox air filtration systems blend in with any workspace, require low maintenance, offer ultra-quiet operation, and arrive ready for installation. With our friendly plug and play design, you can simply hang or suspend Blue Ox Air Cleaners for immediate filtration! Our commercial and industrial air cleaners are made available in a dynamic range of sizes and filter combinations to accommodate even the most stringent application requirements.

OX1100 — This commercial air filtration system performs well for businesses who are looking to remove odors and light dusts from a most light-duty commercial applications. The circular fan equipped on this system effectively removes contaminants from the space, so both diners and your neighbors are happy.

OX2500D-CC — For businesses that are particularly interested in removing odor from your space, this industrial air extractor is the perfect choice. Whether you’re a cigar bar who needs to remove heavy cigar smoke or a factory with heavy process dust or welding fumes in the air, then this model will do the job! We’ve worked with businesses to implement this in their smoking lounges to successfully comply with local ordinances and make their customers happy.

OX3500 — For many manufacturers, one of the main byproducts of their facilities include oil mist. Since oil mist can be harmful and quickly become contaminated with other particulates, it’s important to have an industrial air filtration. We’ve worked with manufacturers in aerospace and other industries to remove oil mist by using one of our systems.

Air quality issue? We can help!

Check out our comparison chart to make it easy to identify the air filtration system that will best meet your needs. Each system has a designated CFM rating and a recommended use, along with a visual representation of filter combinations. For additional assistance, get in touch with our specialists today!

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