Application: Cigar Room Smoke Elimination

Tinder Box, Rapid City, SD


"We purchased the Tinder Box in Rapid City, SD. Upon entering into the lease we knew we had to do something with the smoke. Our experience at the Tinder Box as guests prior to our purchase was terrible. It was a blue haze, with only 4 cigars fired up.

Before the purchase we started shopping for air filtration. We searched different avenues and decided to use Blue Ox. After speaking to their team and describing the issue, they requested a floor plan.

They came back with the proposal and we went with Blue Ox. We installed 4 units and they work beautifully. The difference is amazing! The "regulars" that had experienced the same "blue haze" were amazed what Blue Ox was doing for us. We have new guests that come in daily and stay because of the comfort of clean air."



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