The Blue Ox OX1100-CF in the color gray.

Cigar & Tobacco Smoke Removal

Blue Ox 1100-CF air cleaners were installed at a cigar bar and lounge to remove blue haze, tobacco smoke, and odors.

These air filtration systems feature a Straight-Thru airflow pattern to pull air through filters and push it through a grill/ fan on the other side.

OX1100-CF units are an excellent choice for cigar and tobacco smoke applications because they come equipped with a 75% fill carbon after-filter for odor control.

✓ 1,100 CFM
✓ 1/4 H.P. Direct Drive Fan
✓ 10 air changes per hour

Application: Cigar Room Smoke Elimination

Tinder Box, Rapid City, SD


Summary: When Tinder Box cigar bar and lounge in Rapid City, SD was purchased by new owners, they knew upon entering the lease that they had to do something about the smoke. They had visited the Tinder Box before purchasing and their experience was terrible — there was a blue haze when only four cigars were fired up.

Challenge: The new owners started shopping for air filtration before purchasing the Tinder Box and knew they wanted systems that install easily, complement the interior of the cigar bar, and operate quietly to prevent a noisy atmosphere.

Solution: After searching different avenues and speaking to our team, they decided to use Blue Ox Air Cleaners. Four Blue Ox 1100-CF units were installed and work beautifully! The owners of the Tinder Box said, "The difference is amazing! The "regulars" that had experienced the same "blue haze" were amazed at what Blue Ox was doing for us. We have new guests that come in daily and stay because of the comfort of clean air."

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