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CleanLeaf Model CL2500D-CCP, 2,000 CFM Self-Contained Odor Mitigation & Filtration System
Side Access Filter Housing with a year supply of filters, which includes:

4x CLF-6604 (26x26x4 Pleated Pre-filter; changed quarterly)
1x CLF-6602 (26x26x2" Pleated After-Filter; changed annually)
16x CLF-C-100C (100% Activated Carbon Canister; changed annually)
16x CLF-C-GASKET (Foam gasket for carbon canister. One-time use.)

***Remove blower and blower support***
Blue Ox Model OX2500D-HE, 1,800 CFM Self-Contained Media Filtration with HEPA Filter and Side Access Panel.

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