Industrial machining facility utilizing Blue Ox air cleaning systems for filtration.

Determine the Correct CFM

To figure out the required CFM, you'll first need to calculate the size of your plant, facility, or workspace - multiply the length x the width x the height of the ceiling.

Use this calculation: L x W x H = Area of Grow Room

This example is based on Blue Ox air cleaning systems that exchange the air in a room 8 times per hour.

CFM = Area of Room (L x W x H) x Air Changes per Hour / 60 mins

Example: 40 X 30 X 30 = 36,000 Area of Room

36,000 Area x 8 Blue Ox air changes per hour = 288,000

280,000 / 60 mins. = 4,800 CFM

A Blue Ox Air Cleaner installed in an industrial plan for air filtration.

What Air Cleaner Series Is Right for You?

Blue Ox commercial and industrial air cleaners are broken down into five different filtration options to meet the needs of almost any application! The air cleaners in each series are available in a range of filter configurations and sizes.

✓ General - For dust or smoke applications without odors

✓ Carbon Filter (CF) - For general light odors. See the Carbon Absorption Qualities Chart for the effectiveness of charcoal in your application.

✓ Carbon Module (CC) - For applications that generate heavy odors. See the Carbon Absorption Qualities Chart for the effectiveness of carbon in your application.

✓ HEPA (HE) - For applications that require surgical-grade air.

✓ Wrap-Around Filter (WA/WAL/WAR) - Designed to extend pre-filter life in applications where large particulate or large amounts of particulate cause the pre-filter to face load quickly.

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