5 Reasons Why You Need Air Filtration

5 Reasons You Need Air Filtration

Air filtration is crucial in effectively removing contaminants like wood and machining dust, tobacco smoke, welding smoke, and more.

Blue Ox manufactures air filtration systems to help businesses of all sizes achieve improved air quality and establish safe environments for staff and patrons. Each of our air filtration system series has been designed by industry experts using American-made parts with outstanding warranties to guarantee maximum filter life, energy savings, and compressed air.

Blue Ox systems are built to outperform traditional ambient air cleaners in effectiveness, effiency, and performance.

Here are 5 more reasons why air filtration is critical to your workplace:

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1. Secure Employee Safety

Employers are solely responsible for workplace conditions and safety measures. Air filtration systems help employers secure a safe work environment by filtering contaminated air until its surgical-grade clean.

Protecting machine operators from exposure to contaminated air will lower employee injury risks and sick-days while boosting productivity and morale!

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2. Meet Air Quality Regulations

Air filtration systems are designed to help employers meet Federal, State, and local clean air standards. To find out which air filtration system best meets the demands of your application, contact us.

Employers and machine operators must also abide by OSHA and NIOSH regulations and follow manufacturer safety and operation manuals to ensure optimal safety.

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3. Improve Equipment Protection

Without air filtration systems, the particulate in contaminated air can land in and on machinery causing equipment to perform less efficiently or breakdown. Consistent equipment issues result in higher maintenance and repair costs while lowering productivity rates.

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4. Prevent Fire Hazards

A combustible dust hazard can be determined when machine operators are performing grinding, deburring, cutting, blasting, sieving, budding, or polishing processes with combustible metals and if there's an ignition source present. Types of ignition sources can include:

There are air filtration systems, such as dust collectors, that are specifically designed to prevent fire and explosion risks.

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5. Lower Energy & Maintenance Costs

Not only do air filtration systems guarantee cleaner air, but they also lower energy and maintenance costs.

Blue Ox air filtration systems are constructed of high-quality, American made parts that are backed by great warranties. The filters included in our systems maximize filter replacement, compressed air, and energy savings.

Our systems are built to meet the size of your space and the demands of your application. It's important to install properly sized air filtration systems to avoid higher energy costs and frequent filter changes.

Blue Ox air filtration systems can overcome air quality challenges in almost any environment — from woodshop dust and welding fumes to cigar and cigarette smoke & more. Browse our line of air filtration system series and get in touch with our specialists to learn more.

No time to waste? Use our Quick Quote tool to find out what air filtration system is best for your application in just 4 steps!

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