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Cigarette, Cigar & Tobacco Smoke & Odor Removal

Air filtration systems act as smoke eaters to extract cigarette smoke and odors using the combination of a blower, carbon, and specialized filter technology. Of all public places, bars and nightclubs have the highest air levels of secondhand smoke, creating serious health and safety risks for employees. When cigarette smoke goes uncontrolled, it settles on surfaces, furniture, flooring, and in the crevices of residential homes and commercial buildings. The longer cigarette smoke goes uncontrolled, the more hazardous it becomes - developing into unpleasant odors and unsafe air quality.

Cigarette smoke particles vary in size and range from 0.01 - 1.0 microns - which for perspective, is smaller than a strand of human hair. Because the particles in cigarette smoke and odors are so small, regular HVAC filters cannot effectively control them. When children and nonsmoking adults live in homes where cigarette smoke is present, any substance they breathe, touch, or consume can create a risk for health issues.

While most U.S. states enforce smoking restrictions, various states don't require designated smoking areas or have separate ventilation laws. Regardless of state, it's up to the homeowner to decide if they allow smoking or not - some states do prohibit smoking in private multi-unit rental properties. In any case, it's beneficial to both residential and commercial property owners challenged with cigarette smoke and odors to invest in air filtration systems.

Planning the placement of your air filtration systems will help establish circular airflow patterns, also known as air exchanges. Air exchanges clean the airstream in a room multiple times each hour to achieve a consistently fresh, odorless environment. Blue Ox air filtration systems reduce 95% of particulate by exchanging the air in a room 8x per hour until it's clean! And with our friendly plug & play design, you can simply hang or suspend Blue Ox air cleaners for immediate filtration!

Cigar Smoke & Odor Removal

It's essential for cigar bars and other establishments where smoking is permitted - such as American Legions and casinos, to ensure that smoke, haze, and odors do not disturb the comfort of patrons. Because cigar smoke is heavier than cigarette and hookah smoke, it requires the right filter media and carbon to effectively control smoke, haze, and odors.

But effectively removing cigar smoke and odors does more than improve air quality, it also helps lower energy and maintenance costs, and minimizes pollution build-up on walls, furnishings, and windows. By implementing smoke eater systems, you can develop circular airflow patterns or air exchanges, that clean the same air multiple times resulting in a consistently fresh, odorless environment.

Blue Ox Air Cleaners are designed to pull cigar smoke from within homes, bars, and lounges through micro-glass filters that separate submicron particles to release clean air throughout your space.

Cigarette Smoke & Odor Removal Case Study

The owners of 33 Roadhouse were facing issues with cigarette smoke filling the air in their bar. The smoke would generate a heavy haze that was negatively impacting the bar's air quality and cleanliness.

They needed an affordable air filtration system that operates silently and doesn't take up a lot of space. They wanted a solution that installs discreetly to blend in with the bars aesthetics.

We placed a Blue Ox OX110 air filration system above the fireplace on the far wall to ensure it blends in with the environment. The OX1100 is powerful enough to remove any smokey haze while improving the bar's air circulation and overall air quality.

See the full installation here!

Blue Ox air filtration systems installed at 33 Roadhouse for cigarette smoke and odor removal.

Cigar Smoke & Odor Removal Case Study

Upon purchasing The Tinder Box in Rapid City, SD., the new owners knew they had to find a solution for the cigar smoke and haze.

They reached out to our team and we developed an air pattern based on the floorplan of The Tinder Box and installed 4 Blue Ox air cleaners.

The Blue Ox air cleaners have been an excellent solution for the cigar smoke and have made a huge difference at The Tinder Box. The regulars were amazed to see that the blue haze was no longer a bother and new guests come in and stay due to the comfort of clean air!

See the full installation here!

Blue Ox air filtration systems installed at The Tinder Box for cigar smoke and odor removal.

Blue Ox is committed to providing home and business owners with smoke eater solutions to eliminate tobacco and cigar smoke and odor. To get started on your free quote, or for assistance with proper planning and effective air exchange placement, consult with our specialists.

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