Application: Tobacco Smoke

33 Roadhouse, Crosby, MS

Blue Ox cigarette, cigar, and tobacco smoke eaters installed at the 33 Roadhouse bar.

Would recommend this to anyone who has an issue with smoke. Best price and works wonderfully!

-- Lynn

Summary: 33 Roadhouse is a small bar in Crosby, MS. The bar was having an issue with tobacco smoke filling the air. This created a haze in the air and the smoke was impacting the air quality in the bar.

Challenge:The owners of 33 Roadhouse wanted a cost-efficient solution that wouldn't be too noisy. They also wanted a solution that wouldn't take up too much space or cause a distraction to patrons.

Solution:We installed one OX 1100 Unit above the fireplace along the far wall.The one unit is powerful enough to remove the haze from the air and greatly improves the overall air quality.

Blue Ox smoke eaters installed at the 33 Roadhouse bar to remove cigarette, cigar, and tobacco smoke.
A close up of a Blue Ox air cleaning system installed at 33 Roadhouse.
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