More Information About Commercial Smoke Eaters

Commercial smoke eaters are great for removing unwanted smoke and debris from the air. For any indoor establishment where smoke is present, like a hookah bar or cigar lounge, removing smoke from the air is important for everyone’s health.

At Blue Ox Cleaners, our commercial smoke eaters are the perfect solution for smoky industrial air. A properly-installed ceiling or wall mounted smoke eater will help you clean the air in your space and get it smelling great in no time.

Benefits of Commercial Smoke Eaters

  • Remove cigarette and cigar smoke in the air
  • Eliminate unwanted tobacco odor
  • Clean other unwanted particulates in the air

How to Use a Commercial Air Cleaner for Tobacco Smoke

Although there are different ways to put together an industrial smoke eater, the function of the filter remains the same. For commercial smoke eaters, a fan is activated to draw air through a filter and it’s deposited as clean air through the other side.

Whether you’re installing one of our commercial smoke eaters in a bingo hall or truck stop, you can work with our experienced engineers to find a solution that is right for your space.

They’ll work with you one-on-one to create a custom design that will help to scrub the air clean. To learn how to use a commercial air cleaner for tobacco smoke, contact us today!

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