The Blue Ox OX3500C air cleaner in the color blue.

Machine Shop Black Process Dust Control

Blue Ox 3500C air filtration systems were installed at a machine shop to control black process dust.

OX3500C air cleaners feature a T-Style airflow pattern to draw in air through inlets on both ends of the units and push filtered air through a grill/ fan in the center.

3500C units are an excellent choice for machine shop applications because they feature a dual set of replaceable micro-glass fiber filters, which increases the total filter area and reduces static pressure during operation.

✓ 3,500 CFM
✓ 2 H.P. Direct Drive Fan
✓ Warranty: 3 years on all parts (not filters)

Application: Machine Shop

Spring Creek Custom Machining, Inc., Lowell, AR


We love our Blue Ox Air Cleaners! We use them in a machining environment, and they have been great for reducing the amount of black particles in the air.

--Brianne Huffman

Summary: Spring Creek Machining is a full service 12,000 sq ft machine shop located in Northwest Arkansas. SCCM specializes in machining all types of materials including plastics, steels and nonferrous metals. Their equipment includes CNC Machines, Abrasive Water Jet Machines, Heat Treatment, Welding, Black Oxide, Wire EDM and a vast array of Manual Machining Tools.

Challenge: With dozens of machines positioned tightly in the facility, black process dust was constantly being generated and released into the air. Workers quickly began to complain about the conditions in the shop and the dust in the air was a visible issue. Source capturing the particulate was not an option: retrofitting duct drops to each machine and installing a central dust collection system would be cost prohibitive.

Solution:Four OX3500C's (with silencers) were installed above the shop floor. They were positioned to create an airflow pattern which encompassed all of the machines in the shop. With this configuration, particles in the air were reduced dramatically and conditions in the shop greatly improved.

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