Blue Ox OX1100 air filtration system in gray.

Man Cave Tobacco Smoke Removal

Blue Ox 1100 air cleaner installed in a home garage/ man cave to remove tobacco smoke, residue, and odors.

These units utilize a Straight-Thru design, pulling air through the filters and expelling it through the grill/fan at the opposite end.

OX1100 air filtration systems are excellent for tobacco smoke removal in small or confined spaces. They operate quietly and have adjustable speeds.

✓ 1,100 CFM
✓ 1/4 H.P. Direct Drive Fan
✓ 8 air changes per hour

Application: Tobacco Smoke

Garage / Man Cave

A Blue Ox smoke eater installed in a man cave to remove cigar, cigarette, and tobacco smoke and odors.

Virtually free of smoke and odor when we entertain others, and when the unit is run afterwards the air is sparkling in a short amount of time.

-- Britt

Summary: A family, that likes to entertain and have friends over to their home, recently contacted us for help. Whenever they had friends and family over, the garage / man cave was also the designated smoking area. This was causing smoke residue on the ceilings and a smokey odor in the air.

Challenge: They wanted a quiet and cost-efficient solution to help remove the odors and particulate from the air. Since it was being installed in the garage / man cave they also needed a solution that didn't take up a lot of space.

Solution: We installed one OX 1100 Unit in the center of the back wall of the garage. The one unit is powerful enough to remove the odor from the air and greatly improve the overall air quality.

A close up of a Blue Ox smoke eater installed in a man cave to remove the smoke and odors from cigars and cigarettes.
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