The Blue Ox OX1100-CC air filtration system in the color gray.

Kitchen & Cafeteria Food Odor Removal

Blue Ox 1100-CC air cleaners were installed at an asset management firm to remove kitchen and cafeteria food odors.

These air filtration systems feature a Straight-Thru pattern to draw air through the filters and exhaust it through the grill/ fan on the other end.

OX1100-CC units are ideal for kitchen and cafeteria applications because they can be placed in confined spaces and offer quiet operation with variable speed.

✓ 825 CFM
✓ 1/4 H.P. Direct Drive Fan
✓ 8 air changes per hour

Application: Kitchen/Cafeteria; Food Odor Removal

Asset Management Firm, St. Louis, MO

Blue Ox air filtration system installed in a corporate cafeteria to control food odors.

Summary: A large asset management firm in St. Louis operates a corporate cafeteria in their offices for employee use. After the lunch period, food odors linger in the cafeteria and migrate into the adjacent offices and hallways.

Challenge: The building manager wanted a quiet, inconspicuous unit (or units) installed around the kitchen area to prevent these odors from escaping into the adjacent offices. Having just moved into a new high-end space, aesthetics were just as important as overall function.

Solution:We were able to hang two OX1100-CC units in the kitchen area. One in the front of the kitchen (above the serving area) and one in the hallway behind the kitchen exit door. By hanging them on chains through ceiling tile, they were able to achieve the inconspicuous look they wanted. The OX1100-CC has 18lbs of carbon filtration, which is a lot of carbon to tackle the removal of odors. While cooking/serving, the units are quiet enough that they go unnoticed during operation.

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