Carbon Absorption Qualities

Carbon is a well-known component in the absorption of odors and fumes. However, there are limitations to how well carbon will work for certain chemicals. Below is a chart showing the qualities of carbon as they relate to specific fume and chemical makeups.

Material Absorption
Acetaldehyde Poor
Acetic acid Excellent
Acetic anhydride Excellent
Acetone Good
Acetylene None
Acids Good
Acrolein Good
Acrylic acid Excellent
Acrylonitrile Excellent
Adhesives Excellent
Alcohol Excellent
Alcoholic beverages Excellent
Amines Poor
Ammonia Poor
Amyl acetate Excellent
Amyl alcohol Excellent
Amyl Ether Excellent
Anesthetics Good
Aniline Excellent
Animal odors Good
Antiseptics Excellent
Asphalt fumes Excellent
Automobile exhaust Good
Bacteria Good
Bathroom odors Excellent
Benzene Excellent
Bleaching solutions Good
Body odors Excellent
Bromine Excellent
Burned flesh Excellent
Burned food Excellent
Burning fat Excellent
Burytaldehyde Good
Butadiene Good
Butane Poor
Butanone Poor
Butyl acetate Excellent
Butyl alcohol Excellent
Butyl cellosolve Excellent
Butyl chloride Excellent
Butyl ether Excellent
Butylene Poor
Butyne Poor
Butyric acid Excellent
Camphor Excellent
Cancer odor Excellent
Caprylic acid Excellent
Carbolic acid Excellent
Carbon bisulfide Poor
Carbon dioxide None
Carbon monoxide None
Carbon tetrachloride Excellent
Cellosolve Excellent
Cellosolve acetate Excellent
Charred materials Excellent
Cheese Excellent
Chemicals Good
Chlorine Poor
Chlorobenzene Excellent
Chlorobutadiene Excellent
Chloroform Excellent
Chloro nitropropane Excellent
Chloropicrin Excellent
Cigarette smoke Excellent
Citrus and other fruits Excellent
Cleaning compounds Excellent
Coal smoke Good
Combustion odors Good
Cooking odors Excellent
Corrosive gases Poor
Creosote Excellent
Cresol Excellent
Crotonaldehyde Excellent
Cyclohexane Excellent
Cyclohexanol Excellent
Cyclohexanone Excellent
Cyclohexene Excellent
Dead animals Excellent
Decane Excellent
Decaying substances Excellent
Decomposition odors Excellent
Deodorants Excellent
Detergents Excellent
Dibromeothane Excellent
Dichlorobenzene Excellent
Dichlorodifluoromethane Good
Dichloroethane Excellent
Dichloroethylene Excellent
Dochloroethyl ether Excellent
Dichloromonofluormethane Good
Dichloro-nitroethane Excellent
Dichloroprapane Excellent
Dichlorotetrafluroethane Good
Diesel fumes Good
Diethyl amine Good
Diethyl ketone Excellent
Dimethylaniline Excellent
Dimethylsulfate Excellent
Dioxane Excellent
Dipropyl ketone Excellent
Disinfectants Excellent
Embalming odors Excellent
Ethane None
Material Absorption
Ether Good
Ethyl acetate Excellent
Ethyl acrylate Excellent
Ethyl alcohol Excellent
Ethyl amine Good
Ethyl Benzene Excellent
Ethyl bromide Good
Ethyl chloride Good
Ethyl ether Good
Ethyl formate Good
Ethyl mercaptan Excellent
Ethyl silicate Excellent
Ethylene None
Ethylene chloride Excellent
Ethylene dichloride Excellent
Ethylene oxide Good
Essential oils Excellent
Eucalyptole Excellent
Exhaust fumes Good
Fertilizer Excellent
Film Processsing odors Good
Fish odors Excellent
Floral scents Excellent
Fluorotrichloromethane Good
Food aromas Excellent
Formaldehyde Poor
Formic acid Good
Fuel gases Poor
Fumes Good
Gangrene Excellent
Garlic Excellent
Gasoline Excellent
Heptane Excellent
Heptylene Excellent
Hexane Good
Heyleyne Good
Hexyne Good
Hospital odors Excellent
Household smells Excellent
Hydrogen None
Hydrogen bromide Poor
Hydrogen chloride Poor
Hydrogen cyanide Poor
Hydrogen fluoride Poor
Hydrogen iodide Poor
Hydrogen selenide Poor
Hydrogen sulfide Poor
Incense Excellent
Indole Excellent
Incomplete combustion Good
Industrial wastes Good
Inorganic chemicals Good
Iodine Excellent
Iodoform Excellent
Irritants Excellent
Isophorone Excellent
Isoprene Good
Isopropyl acetate Excellent
Isoproply alcohol Excellent
Isoproply ether Excellent
Kerosene Excellent
Kitchen odors Excellent
Lactic acid Excellent
Lingering odors Excellent
Liquid fuels Excellent
Liquor odors Excellent
Lubrication oils and greases Excellent
Masking agents Excellent
Medicinal Odors Excellent
Melons Excellent
Menthol Excellent
Mercaptans Excellent
Mesityl oxide Excellent
Methane None
Methyl acetate Good
Methyl acrylate Excellent
Methyl alcohol Good
Methyl bromide Good
Methyl butyl ketone Excellent
Methyl cellosolve Excellent
Methyl cellosolve acetate Excellent
Methyl chloride Poor
Methyl Chloroform Excellent
Methyl ether Good
Methyl ethyl ketone Excellent
Methyl formate Good
Methyl isobutyl ketone Excellent
Methyl mercaptan Excellent
Methylal Good
Metylcyclohexane Excellent
Methylcyclohexanol Excellent
Methylcyclohexanone Excellent
Methylene chloride Excellent
Mildew Good
Mixed Odors Excellent
Mold Good
Monochlorobenzene Excellent
Monofluorotrichloromethane Good
Moth balls Excellent
Naphtha (Coal tar) Excellent
Naphtha (Petroleum) Excellent
Naphthalene Excellent
Nicotine Excellent
Material Absorption
Nitric acid Good
Nitro benzenes Excellent
Nitroethane Excellent
Nitrogen dioxide Poor
Nitroglycerine Excellent
Nitromethane Excellent
Nitropropane Excellent
Nitrotoluene Excellent
Nonane Excellent
Noxious gases Good
Octalene Excellent
Octane Excellent
Odorants Excellent
Odors Excellent
Onions Excellent
Organic chemicals Excellent
Ozone Excellent
Packing house odors Excellent
Paint and redecorating odors Excellent
Palmitic acid Excellent
Paper deteriorations Excellent
Paradichlorbenzine Excellent
Paste and glue Excellent
Pentane Good
Pentanone Excellent
Pentylene Good
Pentyne Good
Perchloroethylene Excellent
Perfumes, cosmetics Excellent
Perspirations Excellent
Pet odors Excellent
Phenol Excellent
Phosgene Good
Pitch Excellent
Plastics Excellent
Poison gases Good
Pollen Good
Popcorn and candy Excellent
Poultry odors Excellent
Propano Poor
Propionaldchyde Good
Propionic acid Excellent
Propyl acetate Excellent
Propyl alcohol Excellent
Propyl chloride Excellent
Propyl ether Excellent
Propyl mercaptan Excellent
Propylene Poor
Propyne Poor
Putrefying substances Good
Putrescine Excellent
Pyrididne Excellent
Radiation Products Poor
Rancid Oils Excellent
Resins Excellent
Reodorants Excellent
Ripening fruits Excellent
Rubber Excellent
Sauerkraut Excellent
Sewer odors Excellent
Skatole Excellent
Slaughtering odors Good
Smog Excellent
Smoke Excellent
Soaps Excellent
Solvents Good
Sour milks Excellent
Spilled beverages Excellent
Spoiled food stuffs Excellent
Stale odors Excellent
Stoddard Solvent Excellent
Stuffiness Excellent
Styrene monomer Excellent
Sulfer compounds Excellent
Sulfer dioxide Poor
Sulfer troixide Poor
Sulfuric acid Excellent
Tar Excellent
Tarnishing gases Good
Tetrachloroethane Excellent
Tetrachloroethylene Excellent
Theatrical makeup odors Excellent
Tobacco smoke Excellent
Toilet odors Excellent
Toluene Excellent
Toluidine Excellent
Trichlorethylene Excellent
Turpetine Excellent
Urea Excellent
Uric acid Excellent
Valeric acid Excellent
Valericaldehyde Excellent
Vapors Excellent
Varnish fumes Excellent
Vinegar Excellent
Vinyl Chloride Good
Viruses Good
Volatile materials Good
Waste products Excellent
Wood alcohol Good
Xylene Excellent
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