Cigar and Smoke Odor Removal

Blue Ox commercial and industrial air cleaners pull contaminated tobacco and cigar smoke from within bars, restaurants, and nightclubs through micro-glass filters that separate submicron particles to ensure clean air is released and reused throughout your business space. There is no ductwork required for Blue Ox air cleaner installation and you will not lose heating or cooling which ensures optimal comfort for your customers and staff.

Benefits of Indoor Air Cleaners

Blue Ox is committed to providing commercial business owners with air system solutions that eliminate smoke and odor.

  • Economical maintenance for business owners
  • Disposes cigarette smoke and other odor-causing contamination
  • Possible increase in foot traffic and business capital
  • Custom air exchange that moves air from one unit through another ensuring superior filtration

Tobacco and cigar smoke get captured in the flooring, furniture, carpet, and crevices of restaurants and bars causing them to release unpleasant odors to patrons. By utilizing Blue Ox air cleaners, you can develop a circular air flow pattern or "air exchange" that cleans the same air multiple times resulting in high-efficiency and a consistently fresh, odorless environment. Our air systems are developed into two different configurations and are made available in a variety of units to meet the requirements of any bar or restaurant application.

Our Pass-Thru system is designed with a grill on one end of the unit and filters on the other and works by pulling contaminated air through filtration exhausting it through the fan and forming a straight-flow motion. Our T style unit implements a center fan and draws dirty air through filtration found on both sides providing double the amount of media. For assistance with proper planning and effective air exchange placement, consult with our experts by contacting us today!

Suggested Smoke Odor Removal Systems

Blue Ox Model OX1100

Ideal for heavy smoke applications when odors are not an issue. Includes a washable pre-filter & 95% MERV15 bag filter.

Blue Ox Model OX1100-CF

Excellent for applications that produce both heavy smoke and odors. Includes a washable pre-filter, 95% MERV 15 bag filter and replaceable 6lb. carbon after filter.

Blue Ox Model OX2500D-CC

Best option when odor control or VOC’s are the main concern. Includes a washable or replaceable pre-filter, a shortened 95% MERV15 bag filter and a 18lb./36lb refillable charcoal container.

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