Case Studies


Kitchen Odor Elimination

We provided a St. Louis-based Financial Firm with a kitchen odor elimination system. The solution for the system consisted of two Blue Ox OX1100 units. The system pushes air in a circular pattern around the kitchen and dining areas. This helps them to eliminate the cooking smells and prevents the smells from escaping into the adjoining office areas. The Firm was so pleased with the two OX1100 units, they invited us to come take a look and document the installation and effectiveness of the system ourselves!

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Tobacco Smoke Elimination

We purchased the Tinder Box in Rapid City, SD. Upon entering into the lease we knew we had to do something with the smoke. Our experience at the Tinder Box as guests prior to our purchase was terrible. It was a blue haze, with only 4 cigars fired up. We installed 4 units and they work beautifully. The difference is amazing! The "regulars" that had experienced the same "blue haze" were amazed what Blue Ox was doing for us. We have new guests that come in daily and stay because of the comfort of clean air.

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Machine Shop

SCCM specializes in machining all types of materials including plastics, steels and nonferrous metals. Their equipment includes CNC Machines, Abrasive Water Jet Machines, Heat Treatment, Welding, Black Oxide, Wire EDM and a vast array of Manual Machining Tools. Four OX3500C's (with silencers) were installed above the shop floor. They were positioned to create an airflow pattern which encompassed all of the machines in the shop. With this configuration, particles in the air were reduced dramatically and conditions in the shop greatly improved.

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Olde Dog

Woodworking Shop

Olde Dog Woodworking is a small home-based woodshop that focuses on fine custom residential installations. Scott specializes in fireplace mantles, custom cabinetry, bars, bookshelves and high-end specialty built-ins of all kinds. Since the space is small, a strategically placed OX1100 unit was enough to generate a sufficient air pattern. The addition of a secondary system has dramatically reduced the amount of airborne particles and eliminated the spread of wood dust into the living space leading to better air quality.

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Fastener Production (Oil Mist)

Mac Fasteners is a leading manufacturer of aerospace fasteners, which services the entire aerospace and defense industries. Their facility has multiple large Smog-Hog electrostatic oil mist collectors, but they are insufficient to handle the large volume of evaporated coolant. Blue Ox provided 8 OX3500C units with oil collection assemblies. Because these units are more cost effective, we provided more units, resulting in more air changes per hour and better results.

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Weber Made Printing

Weber Made USA Print Shop

Weber Made is a small printing company in St. Louis. They needed to remove harmful printing solvents from the air in their small print shop. With such a small work area they needed a solution that was unintrusive, cost efficient, and didn't require a complicated installation or construction. Blue Ox provided one OX1100-CC unit, which was hung in the shop above the printer. The one unit alone is powerful enough to remove the harmful printing solvents from the air.

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33 Roadhouse

Tobacco Smoke Elimination

33 Roadhouse is a small bar in Crosby, MS. The bar was having an issue with tobacco smoke filling the air. This created a haze in the air and the smoke was impacting the air quality in the bar. The owners of 33 Roadhouse wanted a cost-efficient solution that wouldn't be too noisey. They also wanted a solution that wouldn't take up too much space or cause a distraction to patrons. We installed one OX 1100 Unit above the fireplace along the far wall.The one unit is powerful enough to remove the haze from the air and greatly improve the overall air quality.

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Man Cave

Tobacco smoke Elimination

A family recently contacted us for help with tobacco smoke. Whenever they had friends & family over, the garage / man cave was also the designated smoking area. This was causing smoke residue on the ceilings & a smokey odor in the air. They wanted a quiet & cost-efficient solution to help remove the odors & particulate from the air. Since it was being installed in the garage / man cave they also needed a solution that didn't take up a lot of space. We installed one OX 1100 Unit in the center of the back wall of the garage. The one unit is powerful enough to remove the odor from the air & greatly improve the overall air quality.

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